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The Search Begins for the 2024 Women Inventor and Innovator of the Year


The prize is designed to help bridge the gender gap in science and technology as well as increase the success of innovations that truly matter. The award organisers are calling for individuals, academia, workplaces, and businesses to nominate talented women who have a world-changing innovative idea. The winner will be announced at the GlobalWIIN Conference & Awards Ceremony on the 2nd – 3rd October in London.


GlobalWIIN has gained the support and sponsorship of SHIFT London, and this has provided the opportunity to be hosted at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in the heart of East London with access to invaluable capacity building opportunities for many of the ground breaking innovations.

Francesca Colloca, Head of Innovation at SHIFT said, “The biggest problems we face are complex and require solutions to come from all parts of all parts of society.  SHIFT is passionate about supporting inclusive and responsible innovation so that we’re tackling issues like the climate emergency with equity and fairness. We’re thrilled to be collaborating with our colleagues at GlobalWIIN to support brilliant women inventors and innovators from east London and the world.”

SHIFT delivery partner, Plexal, is also backing the GlobalWIIN innovation programme as a sponsor.

Kate Pearman, CO, Plexal, said: “Collaboration is at the heart of Plexal’s ethos, so we’re proud to support GlobalWIIN in their mission to unite, celebrate and champion those women who make such powerful contributions to society and the economy. We’ve welcomed some truly phenomenal female leaders into our community and I hope this campaign encourages more innovators to come forward to make their presence known across the science and technology ecosystem at large.”

Bola Olabisi, who founded the awards, says: “Recognizing inclusivity and the support for more women with ingenious ideas that can benefit our lives is so important especially at a time when the world faces many critical issues that need to be solved. We want to highlight the best and freshest ideas by women from a local and international perspective while assisting many to become investment ready.  We would like the world to recognise and appreciate the invaluable alternative perspective and state-of-the-art solutions women bring to the world particularly in areas that impact our wellbeing and planet, address food shortage, clarifies the growing concern for digital technology and embraces the importance of design and creativity to name a few.”

The main award is one of several innovation award categories from women around the world who are innovating in different sectors. Winners may have created a new device, machine, product, system, or process capable of impacting millions of people for the better. They may be a brilliant scientist or the inspired designer of a simple, low-cost technology.

The winner is also expected to have leadership qualities and attract loyalty and respect from the people who know them whether they are friends, family, colleagues, or employees. They may be a woman who builds powerful teams, capable of dramatically leveraging the impact of their innovative efforts or someone working on a personal project alone. One thing is sure, they are likely to be relentless in pursuing their goals.

The deadline for entering is 25 May 2024. More details are available at www.globalwiin.com.

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