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Online demonstration: South Korean innovations for smart cities


Since autumn 2022, SHIFT and Milton Keynes have been involved in the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) and Seoul Business Agency UK Testbed Initiative. We are pleased to invite you to an online demonstration event on Tuesday 21 March during which the eight innovative South Korean SMEs involved in the programme will be presenting the results of their trials at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Milton Keynes.

You can register for the event here.

This event is an opportunity to hear from Korean start-ups who are at the forefront of Korean innovation and explore how their solutions are relevant to and can be applied to address local challenges in the UK.

The UK Testbed initiative builds on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s international reputation as London’s living testbed for better urban futures, and reinforces Milton Keynes’ position as a leading, digital city which promotes innovation. The project also introduced Korean start-ups to the British market by providing access to technical and market expertise and support to conduct their proof-of-concept trials in the United Kingdom. Innovation challenge statements were designed based on locally identified need, and South Korean companies were invited to respond. The most exciting, impactful products were selected, and SHIFT and Milton Keynes facilitated access to test environments in Milton Keynes and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

SMEs involved include:

  • Ninewatt- CarbonMAP visualizes buildings’ carbon emissions data on a 3D map. The Carbon Saving Solution Report analyses energy consumption and bill data and also suggests saving solutions.
  • Monnit Korea- IoT wireless sensor monitoring solution
  • Piquant- Integrated Indoor Air Quality Monitoring IoT solution, AirQuant monitors max 11 parameters(A total of 14 parameters detectable) to manage the indoor air quality of the facilities and operate the HVAC system based on the real-time monitoring data.
  • CLROBUR- CLROBUR’s DROW 4D, an AI-integrated autonomous and automatic flight ground control platform(GCP) that uses urban air traffic management (UATM), surveillance and monitoring.
  • Deeping Source- Data anonymisation technology for AI, remove all the personal information in the video or in the image while preserving the utility of the AI.
  • Nota AI- provides camera-based traffic monitoring solutions running on edge devices with real-time processing developed based on our core competency of AI optimization.
  • Qisens- AI image analysis of aerial/satellite image for green and solar panels and Rent-A-Rooftop platform.
  • WiPowerOne- provides wireless power charging solution for EVs (E-bus, E-truck, E-car etc.)

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