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Notpla trial launches at London Aquatics Centre


SHIFT is extremely excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation trial with local business and Earthshot prize winners Notpla. A six month trial of their iconic edible bubbles, ‘Ooho’, has started this week at London Aquatics Centre.

Hackney-based business Notpla is on a mission to make packaging disappear, and their iconic edible bubbles – Ooho – are now available to purchase at the London Aquatics Centre on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park via a vending machine, providing plastic-free hydration to visitors.

Easy to use and simple to consume, the Ooho vending machine offers a unique way of providing hydration on the go without the need for single-use plastic packaging.

Ooho are made from seaweed, one of nature’s most sustainable resources. Globally abundant and fast-growing, seaweed doesn’t require freshwater, land or fertiliser. It is one of our greatest weapons against climate change – reduce ocean acidification and effectively absorbing carbon.

“SHIFT is dedicated to accelerating innovative solutions that have potential to deliver better urban futures in cities around the world and Notpla’s pioneering tech is evidence that innovators based right here in east London can play an important role in future-proofing our world, from how we produce to how we consume. We are extremely excited to be part of this story.”

Katrina Kilkenny, Innovation Manager – SHIFT

Ooho is the perfect sustainable hydration alternative for sporting events, bringing innovation and excitement to visitors in a waste-free manner as it is fully edible. Visitors to the London Aquatics Centre can grab one, pop it in their mouth and simply eat it for a quick burst of energy and hydration. The vending machine can be found just past the reception desk on the left-hand side. Visitors will be able to purchase the “Sport Boost” – an isotonic Ooho bubble for just £1 and flavours are likely to change throughout the trial.

If not eaten, Ooho will biodegrade within 4-6 weeks and will not leave behind microplastics or waste for centuries, making it a more sustainable alternative to traditional packaging options.

“Notpla products aim to solve the disparity that currently exists between the products we consume and the packaging they come in. Many plastics stick around the hundreds of years and are used for products that are intended to be consumed within minutes or even seconds. From this stems Notpla’s mission of making plastic packaging disappear. Ooho was our first iconic product and provides a sustainable packaging solution for liquids. It highlights that Notpla packaging is so natural, you can eat it! Our work with SHIFT and the London Aquatics Centre allows us to bring the Ooho vending machine into the local community and highlight the importance of collaboration.”

Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, Co-founder and CEO of Notpla

Notpla has already made an impact through major sporting events, partnering with Lucozade to replace 36,000 plastic bottles at the London Marathon. More recently, over 25,000 Ooho were distributed at the Gothenburg half marathon.

The Ooho vending machine is a great way of offering the product to the public without the need for individual distribution and is a stepping stone for offering Ooho in retail spaces.




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