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Fighting Bicycle Theft: MOSA trial smart lock technology in the Park


At SHIFT, we are really excited for the start of our latest innovation trial –  a collaboration with MOSA who are testing smart bike lock technology that converts standard cycle racks into secure parking spaces for all sorts of bikes.

In the UK, one bike is stolen every 90 seconds and over 90% of reported bicycle crime goes unsolved. Understanding the frustration cyclists face every day, London-based startup MOSA has a solution. It wants to tackle this problem with “smart” innovation and they are inviting bicycle riders to help test their technology in a trial at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

“If we want to get more people on bikes, cities need to address bicycle parking security issues for cyclists,” said Josh Liu, MOSA’s founder. “SHIFT London offers us a great sandbox to try our innovation in the most forward-thinking area in the UK.”

The company is undertaking its first public trial at the Park over two weeks in February. It’s an opportunity to test their technology in a large neighbourhood, and MOSA plans on bringing their innovation to more urban spaces in other cities once the trial is complete.

“We are really excited to see MOSA trialling their smart bike lock on the Park. SHIFT was established to help make our urban lives better and this is a great example of that vision in practice. This project came to us through one of our community meetings, which is one of the ways SHIFT brings local people together to encourage more inclusive and open innovation.” said Emma Frost, SHIFT’s Director of Innovation.

MOSA is seeking enthusiastic cyclists who regularly cycle to the Park to join the trial and test their smart lock technology. MOSA is also planning to use this opportunity to engage with the local community and gather their insight, to make sure they can work with LLDC to build a “cyclist first” neighbourhood for the community. Interested individuals can sign up for the trial at www.mosa.to/olympicpark.

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