We are SHIFT

SHIFT exists to find practical answers to the most pressing questions that cities face today.

SHIFT, the new identity for the inclusive innovation community that exists at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, reflects the collective shift that we as a society need to make to bring forward a thriving, fair and resilient future in our global cities. Whether it’s delivering real-world innovation trials on the Park or developing new research partnerships, we’re here to significantly turn the dial, to drive the seismic shift needed in the approach to innovation, to achieve the outcomes that will improve and safeguard the future of our cities.

We activate collaboration and partnerships to power better urban futures and explore solutions to improve the lived experience in cities.

We facilitate and coordinate connections between leading-edge academic institutions, established businesses and start-ups, creative clusters, a growing science and tech community, local residents and local government.

We are:

1. A genuine urban testbed

SHIFT is of the city and for the city — a 560-acre innovation park in the heart of London. Practical and multifaceted, this is a living urban testbed, where knowledge is jointly created and shared.

2. Better urban futures

SHIFT rises to the fundamental challenges facing cities today – climate change adaptation, wellbeing and social justice. We work to affect positive change in the urban environment, solving problems and reducing the risks to our lives and infrastructure.

3. Inclusive innovation

SHIFT represents all our interests by finding answers to real, everyday problems through innovation and experimentation. We put inclusive innovation first, focusing on ‘good’ growth, environmental benefit and civic involvement.

4. World-class partners

SHIFT brings together a group of world-class partners — innovators from the community, commerce and academia. These thinkers, doers and creators will shift the way we think to make things happen.

5. Local focus, global reach

SHIFT researches, explores and tests issues from our immediate locality but with global relevance. Our work in east London is designed to travel, shifting from city to city. We intend to create positive ripples of change throughout the world.

6. Open for business

SHIFT welcomes courageous entrepreneurs, investors, and commissioners to join us in a spirit of collaboration and experimentation. Together we’ll shift towards a better future for our cities and citizens.

Open for business

We need more brilliant entrepreneurs, investors, and commissioners to join us in a spirit of collaboration and creativity, exploration and experimentation: To deliver more amazing projects. To share our approach to inclusive innovation. To shift the balance and shape the future of our cities and citizens.

Join us