We’re building a world where cities are good for the planet and its people.

Our cities are at a crossroads. Issues like pollution, social isolation, rising living costs and food insecurity mean we need to think differently, fast. It is our belief that, by consciously shaping and supporting innovation, we can solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. ​

​Like helping people live healthier, safer lives. Growing the economy in a challenging market environment. And reskilling the workforce for the century ahead. This means breaking open the innovation economy to make space for new ideas from local voices, as well as policymakers, universities, startups and large organisations.​

By forging collaboration across sectors and industries, we’re building a future where innovation meets genuine community need — where cities are healthy, connected and sustainable.

Addressing the city’s most pressing challenges

Our mission is to support and enable innovation that responds to the climate emergency, boosts health and wellbeing, and upgrades mobility in cities.​

Our Values

SHIFT’s core values govern who we work with, what we work towards and who we work for. It’s our commitment to London, to the world.

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